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I believe that the #metoo movement has been a watershed moment in human history. It has shed a spotlight on the unhealthy immature masculine domination of the feminine in the most public way. But the suppression of the feminine is far more than that.

The immature masculine has dominated the feminine and kept it small out of fear. It has created societal structures that allow men to exert power over women through hierarchy, it has become rigid and stultifying by imposing too much order which stunts the evolutionary impulse for growth and change.

It has used not only the patriarchal structures that we know all too well to maintain its dominance, but also the power of mind. This mental overpowering is typically a masculine trait. Its easy to use our minds to dominate and in doing so, make some emotional states wrong.

Men have suppressed female emotionality

and with it their intuition and felt sense.

This has become disastrous for humanity on a grand scale.

By disconnecting with our felt sense and praising predominantly the products of the mind, we have created a society where most people have disconnected from their body. In doing so they cut off from their felt sense, their deeper knowing – and also from nature. We need to be in our bodies in order to feel our connection with nature, because our bodies are an extension of nature – our body and our environment do not exist independent of one another so if we disconnect from one, we disconnect from the other. That disconnect has led western society to ravage the planet’s resources, impact the global climate and to create increased problems of unstable climates around the world that are leading to drought, famine and mass migration.

For me some of the essential qualities of the feminine are its ability to care for Life, to nurture and to create. If we suppress the feminine we disregard those core qualities that we so desperately need right now.

Of course the feminine has its shadows too – too much capacity for chaos, its ability to manipulate and overpower with feelings, for example. But part of what is needed right now in culture is the emergence of the deep feminine. This is not the manipulative immature feminine but a deep connection to Life, to the planet, to embodiment, to the deep knowing and intuition, to the felt sense.

We are at a crossroads in human history: it’s unclear whether humanity will survive the next half-century or whether it will destroy itself and much of life on the planet. Species extinctions are increasing, catastrophic climate change may already be unstoppable, social, political, economic and mainstream media structures are all failing. Much of society has become deeply disenchanted with life and has lost a sense of meaning and purpose. We are in what historian Sir John Glubb called The Age of Decadence, which he argues using multiple historical examples, is the period that precedes the ultimate collapse of a civilisation.

Although on the one hand, one can argue that things have never been better (more people globally risen out of poverty, more people having access to drinking water, longer life-expectancy and so on). On the other hand the rise in social and personal issues.

Addiction, anti-depressant usage, opioid addiction and suicide rates

(especially amongst young men)

have never been higher

To me this speaks of the profound pain and distress that many people are experiencing because of a lack of meaning and a disconnect from a sense of wonder, awe and the mystical.

With the mature feminine comes a renewed sense of care for Life (our own and others, as well as the environment in which we live), a deep knowing that comes through our body, where we can feel what’s right, not just think it. I believe it also holds the key to a deep knowing, accessing to knowledge that lies beyond the confines of our current mental episteme. There is a growing body of scientific and medical research that demonstrates there is a field of non-local consciousness that exists beyond the confines of the ordinary mind but which we can tap into in non-ordinary states of consciousness. I believe that it is only by accessing the intuitive, deep feminine within each of us that we will be able to tap into this deep field of knowing.

Embracing the mature feminine may just be the best hope we have to create a new society based not on the overpowering dominance of mind, but on a true connection to ourselves, to each other and to the planet. Without the emergent mature feminine, I fear there is little hope for humanity.


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