Session Types

Louise’s work is short-term, focused on fast transformation. It requires you to be willing to bring yourself with honesty, to face uncomfortable feelings and embrace new parts of yourself.

She creates a safe space for you to get in touch with your body, sexuality and capacity for intimacy, and the blocks that impede its fullest expression. Based on the premise that sexual energy is an expression of life force energy that naturally flows through our bodies, Louise provides an opportunity for you to experience yourself in a new way, being able to let go of patterns of shame, fear or guilt around your sexuality.

Louise is emphatic and loving yet direct. She will say things as they are, but always in a way that furthers your growth. Her main tools are:

  • Truth-Telling
  • Erotic Mirroring
  • Erotic Embodiment

By reflecting back authentically what is so often unspoken when we meet another, Louise offers the possibility to understand yourself in a new way that can empower you to transform how you behave and how others perceive you.

Erotic Mirroring

We are often in denial or ignorance of how our erotic self is experienced, both within ourselves and by others.  In these sessions you will have the unique experience of being authentically mirrored in the presence of a woman, in a clear and boundaried way, that offers huge insights into how you show up in, and impact, the world through embodying your erotic self.

Erotic Embodiment

In order to feel our erotic selves fully we need to be fully embodied.  These sessions are aimed at supporting you to come into your body so that you can begin to enjoy your body in a new way and impact your environment through your embodied presence.

Louise developed these different approaches from her multiple trainings as a psychotherapist, Psychosexual Somatics® practitioner, esoteric teacher and from her shamanic work. She works in a shared energetic field with deep presence, which enables her to be a fine-tuned instrument to where you are, the difficulty you are experiencing and the fastest way of overcoming it.

Her work is experiential, and a combination between talk and gentle bodywork approaches using light touch, breath, sound and movement techniques.

"Through her expert guidance I have been able to access and receive my own internal wisdom which is a way of living I will take with me beyond our work"