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Own Your Balls

By August 10, 2017Relationships

How are you ever going to feel good about yourself if your girlfriend (or your mum) has got your balls in a jar?? Many men of all ages I speak to feel in some ways disempowered in their lives. They don’t know what they want and they can’t seem to get it. They are letting other people set the agenda, ending up as a ‘good boy’, accommodating others needs, or feeling like a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Its time to reclaim your power, guys, and come into integrity with yourself as a man!

Owning your balls means that you know your Truth and you’re not afraid to stand up for it. You don’t allow anyone to pull you off centre or decide what you should do or say. Instead you stand by what’s true for you. There’s no need to do this in a hard or insensitive way, and not by kicking and screaming, but in a calm, honest, way – showing up as who you are and speaking your truth, no matter what others say about you.

And let me tell you secret, guys – women love that! As women, we want to know that we can trust our man, that he is in integrity with who he is, that we can’t push him over even if we try with the best that we’ve got.

And here’s a trick that most men don’t know about women: most of the drama we pull off is just a way of testing to see if you’re the right man for us! If we can push you off centre, if we can get you to deny your Truth, then you’ve failed the test. If you get pulled into our drama you WILL eventually lose.   And we will start looking for another man who we can test and manipulate. A man who gets sucked in eventually becomes a puppy. And no woman wants a puppy as a boyfriend. She wants a man that stands for what he believes in and isn’t afraid to say so.

So guys – own your balls. Say no if you mean no. You’ll love it. She’ll love it!

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