For Couples

Relationship is the fastest tool that we know for personal and spiritual growth.  That’s because it shows us our greatest potential – and our deepest vulnerabilities. Working with both parties in a couple is a powerful route to transformation.

One of the biggest challenges that most long-term couples face is the loss of desire within the relationship.  At some point in a sustained relationship the level of libido and the desire for intimate physical contact with the other is likely to reduce.

This reduced desire is not only normal, it is in fact a wonderful opportunity for growth.  When couples are faced with the loss of intimacy it is often an invitation to go deeper into connection with the other.

Typical couples issues include:

  • loss of libido in long-term relationship
  • imbalanced in desire for sex in the relationship
  • over-coming affairs
  • resolving unexpressed anger and other hidden emotions

I’m here to help you rekindle your desire, to overcome past wounds that have got in the way of your relationship and to can help you reach your potential as a couple.

My work might support you to:

  • Understand the patterns that govern your relating to partners and lovers
  • Reconnect to the polarity between you
  • Empower your masculine/feminine essence
  • Create loving and fulfilling relationships
  • Overcome your inhibitions in sex
  • Understand your sexual essence
  • Understand and forgive one another
  • Relight your fire!


“We really benefited from our work with Mike. We feel so much closer than we did before"
Fred & Miriam