Mike’s work falls broadly into two categories:

  • Empowerment (personal, relational and sexual)
  • Awakening consciousness


Many people have developed on some personal levels but have allowed other aspects of their personal growth to lag behind.  For many people working with their sexuality and their relationship with intimacy is one of the last things they look at.  In this work I will support you to gently get to know yourself at a deeper level, exploring what blocks you from allowing more love, connection and pleasure into your life.

Awakening Consciousness

Whilst developing your personal growth is an essential aspect of developing Selfhood, the awakening of consciousness is equally important if we want to evolve and grow into realising our potential.

Awakening Consciousness sessions can help you to realise how you truly are and how you can realise your full potential.

For further information about any of these sessions, please look under the Session Types section or email me on

“Thanks, Mike. I feel grace and courage, feminine, protected, strength, clarity, focused…..a serene smile on my face”