It's time to wake up, men, to who you are. To take yourself seriously in a whole new way

For Men
Louise’s work with men is centred around her 3 areas of expertise:
  • Sex & Intimacy Issues
  • Empowered Polarity
  • Awakening Consciousness
Being a woman with a strong feminine core, she will hold space for you to connect with your identity as a man, no matter what issues you are exploring. You will have the unique experience of being authentically mirrored in the presence of woman, in a clear and boundaried way, which can offer huge insights into your ways of showing up as a man.
By connecting with her own deep feminine she will often represent a polarity that can support you to connect with your masculine. This can help you access sources of power within that can help you move through your current difficulties and bring new perspectives to your life. Louise places a special importance on supporting you to be present, embodied and in integrity as a man.
The work is experiential and a combination between talk work, embodiment exercises and gentle touch techniques. The aim of the work is lasting transformation so she places a huge importance in her client’s ability to fully feel, embody and integrate what they experience in the session.
Louise offers private sessions of 1.5 or 2 hours depending on the topic, as well as day-long intensives where appropriate. Skype sessions are 1 hour.

"I'm left feeling safe to explore the sometimes shameful or sensitive areas of my sexual energy. I leave each session feeling more in touch with myself as a man"