When there's trust, love and strong polarity, a couple can move mountains. If any is lacking, they can hardly move the coffee table

For Couples

Relationship Growth

This is for you if you want to grow together as a couple – because you know that your relationship can go deeper and take you to places together, that you could not reach individually. The work is about creating more freedom to bring what’s unique for each of you, yet also allowing deeper commitment to one another and to what can be created between you. This may mean emotionally, sexually, spiritually, creatively, in terms of a shared family or business.
Louise will guide each of you to tap into the unexplored resources and desires that you both have, and support you to find ways to express and manifest what will make both of you feel fulfilled; individually and as a couple.
In this process, strengthening the ability for intimacy as well as sexual polarity between the two of you is essential.  This is because the coexistence of trust, love & sex in a relationship the greatest source of energy for dreaming and manifesting that a couple can have.
Relationship Challenge
In her work with couples who want to resolve an existing issue, Louise creates a space for safe communication and for the conversations that you’ve never had.
By observing your interactions she will offer feedback on the power dynamics and patterns between the two of you that are preventing the flow of trust, openness, growth, intimacy or sexual connection that you are longing for. Very often we are playing out roles in our relationship, which are established in our childhood. Our partner becomes our ‘mother’ or ‘father’ and we find ourselves employing defensive strategies that disconnect us from the intimacy for which we are longing.
The aim of the work is to support you to gain a new perspective on your situation; to release the patterns of behaviour that are not serving you, and to move towards a space of trust, love and sexual polarity.
Louise offers private sessions of 2 hours, as well as day-long intensives. She also offers Joint Intensives with her husband and working partner, Mike Lousada.
Skype sessions are 1 hour.

“Transformative - Empowering! By exploring the underlying assumptions and motivations, I found questions that led into insights into why I am doing what I am doing."