For Women

Many women have the experience that when touch is offered by a man, it is done so conditionally – often in return for sex.  A space where a woman can simply allow herself to receive from a man without an agenda, a space where she has permission to express whatever emotions arise, without being judged, can be enormously healing.

Additionally, when a man is fully present with a woman, without holding an agenda or judgements, she can experience herself at a deeper level which she may not have felt before.

This is the focus of Mike’s work: To support women to get to know themselves at these deeper levels, to help them access and express clearly and authentically their true selves without shame or fear.  He does this not by ‘doing to’, but by ‘being with’.


"I am very grateful to you for the safe space that you hold for healing to occur. I feel more at peace, is the best way to describe it. I feel more relaxed with who I am, feeling like I am able to rest deeper back into my own backbone"