The key is in the body. Always in the body. Feeling yourself, feeling the Life in your body, is essential to all growth.

Louise’s work revolves around three closely related topics:
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Empowered Polarity
  • Awakening Consciousness
She believes that each of these is a gateway to the other, and when a client solves an issue in one area, they will find that something has changed in the others.
They can also be seen as stages of development. Solving a sexual issue will create more sexual confidence, which leads to a stronger sexual identity and ability for polarity. This in turn can lead to an awakening of consciousness, because we begin to tap into a vast energetic potential.
Wherever you experience your desire to grow; in sex and relationship, in your identity as a woman/man or in touching glimpses of your human potential, solving what is holding you back from being fully you in one area will set you free in so many other ways!
Please see the sub-menus for each area of Expertise.

“Thanks to our work, I will be who i want to be. I believe in myself. Nothing actually stops me. Nothing - that is so unbelievably new to me"