It is not the world that shows you who you are. It is you that teaches the world how to respond to you. My message is simple: “Women: listen to your vagina! Men: Own your balls!

Empowered Polarity
Being in empowered polarity means that you are strong in your identity as a woman or a man; that you are able to meet other people and attract sexual partners from a place of embodiment and natural confidence; that you are able to be present, and playful but have firm boundaries when needed.
You are able to feel yourself and what’s right for your body, but at the same time you’re sensitive to others. You are in choice of your experiences, yet you don’t need to push or try hard to make things happen. If you are in a relationship the sexual chemistry between the two of you is flowing. But most important of all, because you feel and trust yourself, your intuition, wisdom and compassion become important guides in your interactions.
One of Louise’s passions is to help you reclaim and embody your deep masculine or your deep feminine, in whichever form they look like and irrespective of your sexual orientation and gender identity. Working with her will take you on a journey into the core of your sexual identity, and support you to express yourself more fully. It is the space for you to become the empowered woman or man that you have the potential to be, and raise your magnetism so people will be naturally drawn to you.
This work is for you who might be out of touch with your masculine or feminine core, if you want to increase your personal power, if you are out of touch with your body, if you still need to separate from ‘mum and dad’, and if you want to feel alive in your body and experience the excitement of sexual polarity.

“I leave each session feeling more in touch with myself as a man, as a grown up, and feeling very optimistic about my life. It is a rare journey."