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On Truth

By | Consciousness, Relationships, Spirituality

Part of my passion in doing men’s work is to support men to move more into alignment with truth. Truth is an essential element of being because when we are speaking and moving in the world from a place of truth we are in integrity. When we come out of…

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The Sweet Spot for Therapy

By | Relationships, Therapy | No Comments

To develop as human beings, especially as socially engaged beings allowing connection with others, that is to say, intimacy, we must allow ourselves to walk in unknown territory, since each of us has wounds and traumas that inhibit our being in our fullness, especially when relating to other people. As…

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Pussy Power

By | Relationships, Sexuality | No Comments

Since my appearance on Chanel 5’s Make or Break, “pussy power” has been the buzzword. Combined with the message that “a woman’s power is not up here, but down in her vagina”, it’s left a lot of people amused, some provoked and others just plainly curious. What is it? How…

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Own Your Balls

By | Relationships | No Comments

How are you ever going to feel good about yourself if your girlfriend (or your mum) has got your balls in a jar?? Many men of all ages I speak to feel in some ways disempowered in their lives. They don’t know what they want and they can’t seem to…

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