Welcome to life at the evolutionary edge

Awakening Consciousness

Do you feel that:

  • Your life is suddenly lacking meaning and purpose?
  • You’ve lost direction in life?
  • Things you used to enjoy lost their appeal?
  • You questioning the values by which you are living
  • You are feeling empty inside without really knowing why?
Don’t despair. It’s a good thing!

Very often when something feels out of kilter, despite our life seeming to be perfect at the surface, we are in a crisis of awakening. We are realizing that we are only living a limited version of ourselves, and that a greater potential is calling to us.

Even though it can be painful, this crisis is a message for you to start growing. This is your psyche’s way of telling you that you have become too small for yourself. New horizons are waiting to be discovered, and your world-view might be turned upside down as you realize that this physical reality is only one aspect of human experience.

As well as being in this physical reality, we are also emotional, energetic, spiritual beings with the ability to feel deeply connected to ourselves, each other, to Life in a way we might not yet have previously imagined.

The deeper impulse behind Louise’s work is to support the awakening of consciousness, which is happening at a global scale. This evolution of consciousness is showing us new ways and new values for humankind that are based on universal spiritual teachings, in a contemporary and non-dogmatic way, that is always based on personal experience. There’s no teaching and no preaching, but only listening within, to what feels important.

Louise holds a strong energetic field for you to start exploring your own inner truth, and she can guide you into states of expansion that will give you a new direction in life.


“I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and insights which she has been so generous with"