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"Ready for a cathartic breakthrough in your sex life? Husband and wife team, Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti expertly empower us to expand our intimate horizons and relish Real Sex.”
Karinna Karsten
Founder & CEO LOVETV.co


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Is everything we learned about sex wrong? Read the new book from the Masters and Johnson of the 21st century and find out. Mazanti and Lousada are transforming society’s relationship with sex and intimacy as we speak – and they have a new book out!

Real Sex will reveal how almost everything that society has told us about sex is wrong. It is a practical guide that sets out seven keys to teach you how to transform guilt, fear and shame into love, pleasure and intimacy. It shows how transforming your sexuality transforms your whole life.

Real Sex is a journey into the heart of your sexual self, a way of creating meaningful and fulfilling intimacy.

Written by internationally renowned psychotherapists, Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti, Real Sex challenges our understanding of what sex is and offers a revolutionary new approach to intimacy.

The more modern culture shines its light on sex, the longer the shadow it casts. This shadow is commercialism, pornography and shame. This attitude to sexuality creates performance pressure, increasing numbers of sexual ‘dysfunctions’ and a fundamental disconnection from ourselves and others. Mike and Louise offer a revolutionary perspective on sexuality, having transformed the lives of clients from over 60 countries, including Oscar-winning celebrities and multinational business directors.

The book is 230 pages, with 25 different exercises.

Published by Hay House, May 30, 2017.

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