The Love Revolution

We are passionate about transformation.  Our goal is to support you to become the best You that you can be.  We believe that this happens by expanding how authentic you can be, with yourself and others.

When we transform our relationship with intimacy with ourselves – how much of ourselves we can love and be gentle with, then we transform our relationship with others.

The Love Revolution starts with you, but it will change not only your life, but the lives of everyone around you, and ultimately the values of our society.  We believe that our ability to create intimacy, love the fullest and manifest what we are deeply longing for depends on our ability to connect to Life itself; the Life that is running through our bodies when we are free to express our sexuality fully.

We facilitate deep transformation, a personal revolution that will help you overthrow what limits you from expressing your full potential.

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“I participated in Louise and Mike's "Know Your Sexual Self" workshop at Esalen in Fall of 2016. It was outstanding. I found it helpful, enriching, revealing, impactful, powerful. I can't say enough about it. I expected a workshop that solely discussed our needs, desires, blocks, boundaries, and messages about sex. It was SO MUCH MORE. It was a profound exploration and experience of intimacy. It was about feeling, listening, communicating, understanding, loving, accepting, and more. Louise and Mike are the living embodiment of this work. I felt so safe with them. They guided us through a rich variety of far-reaching content using a diverse mix of practices and supported us with care, openness, gentleness, humility, wisdom, humour, and expertise - expertise that extends way beyond the topic of sex. I was in awe of their ability to distill things down to their essence. I also found their self-developed models so clear, powerful, and insightful. They helped get down to the heart of it. It was so helpful to look at a model and see myself in it - or get help seeing myself in it - clearly. To see the pattern, talk it through, being to really understand it, know I am not alone, learn a way through. This workshop answered so many questions for me - some that I didn't even know I had. It challenged me and allowed me to safely ask and explore. It helped me move in a direction of greater acceptance and love. It gave me a fresh, hopeful perspective (on a feeling level) on sex, sexual energy, life force energy, aliveness, intimacy. It made a difference in my life - and my being. I am so grateful. Thank you!"